Playa Medio Mundo , Ceiba. This is an unkown place for tourists. Usually this beach is not on the typical guides of Puerto Rico. This beach may not be as famouse as Flamenco Beach , (Culebra)  or Isla Verde Beach , (San Juan) but is really beautifull.

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Playa Medio Mundo, Ceiba


Along the north coast of Puerto Rico, there are various natural pool beaches, Mar Chiquita is among the most popular, just 45 minutes west from the capital city of San Juan.  Along the cliffs, an opening allows the waters of the Atlantic to rush in creating a refreshing natural pool.

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This beautiful beach is located in Aguadilla, south west of Puerto Rico , 2 hours from San Juan Airport. 

When there is good weather it is perfect also for the “snorkeling” or just take the dip and share it with family. You can see lots of marine life from fish, turtles and crabs. Parking is a bit uncomfortable, you have to park at the side of the road or you can pay for parking in a neighborhood house.

It is one of the best hidden beaches in Puerto Rico. Sit down to release the stress of day to day and watch the sunset as we finish. And always remember to take the garbage, the place does not have facilities for the pick up and we have to keep it clean and well maintained.

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Next to the Aguadilla Airport. Punta Borinquen is the northwest corner of Puerto Rico. Here you can see the ruins of the Aguadilla Lighthouse that was constructed in the 1880’s. The lighthouse was destroyed by an earthquake in 1918. Is a nice place to take pictures. The beach is beautiful but with big waves so you have to be careful. Near are some ruins of the Ramey Fields Military Base. At the final of the street is a trail to a surfing beach.

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