Playa Medio Mundo (Ceiba)

This is an unkown place for tourists. Usually this beach is not on the typical guides of Puerto Rico. This beach may not be as famouse as Flamenco Beach , (Culebra)  or Isla Verde Beach , (San Juan) but is really beautifull.

Here is a gallery , thanks to ”Vamos de Paseo” site.


Playa Medio Mundo, Ceiba, Puerto Rico

You need to take the highway to Fajardo and then the road going to Ceiba Airport, Road #3 going to Ceiba. You must drive to the old Roosevelt Roads base (Also is a good place to Visit) Just before entering to Roosevelt roads , make a left to PLAYA MACHOS, park the car there and walk 5 minutes to your RIGHT.

Bring your own beach cooler, this is like a private beach.

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Playa Medio Mundo, Ceiba